What gift should I give for my friend’s birthday? For birthday gifts, many people don't care about their high or low prices, they value the emotional value contained in the gift. Now, I bring you a pop up birthday card tutorial that everyone can learn. The operation is simple, and it can also enhance friendship and convey love.

You can freely match colors according to your preferences, as shown in the figure:


pop up birthday cardpop up birthday card


The first is to prepare the tools:


make pop up card tools


A piece of Kraft cardboard

A piece of black cardboard

Knife, pencil, eraser, solid glue

Note: If there is no paper jam, you can use several pieces of paper to glue together, color matching, the size of the greeting card is up to personal preference.


Step 1: Design drawings style

Fold the Kraft cardboard in half, then determine the style and design the grid. If you have a certain space imagination ability, you can design the style you want. I first studied for a long time before I barely drew this sketch. If you don’t want to design, you can refer to my drawings.


pop up card design drawings

Step 2: Draw design picture

You need to draw simple letters, paying attention to the same spacing.


draw design picture

Step 3: Cut out the excess part.

Pay attention to no more or less, you can dig if you have less, and you can't make up if you have more. See clearly what needs to be removed.

As shown in the figure after completion:


cut out the excess part

Step 4: Folded Kraft paper

Use an eraser to remove the pencil marks, then fold.

First fold:

first fold pop up card

Second fold:

second fold pop up card

Third fold:

third fold pop up card


At this point, roughly the finished product is out.


Step 5: Glue the pop up card to the cardboard

Glue the main body of the card to the black cardboard. For firmness, you can use some double-sided tape instead of solid glue. Before pasting, please keep the folded appearance. Don't put glue on every place, otherwise the greeting card will not be kept three-dimensional.


paste pop up card

Step 6: Making pop up card exterior decoration

I use scissors to cut a small piece of white paper for decoration, other decorations are also available, according to personal preference. Well, at this step, the production of the pop-up birthday card is successfully completed.


pop up birthday cardpop up birthday card


It is also full of sincerity to send such a card on a friend’s birthday. The operation difficulty is relatively low, but the idea is relatively difficult. It should not be difficult to imitate directly. Everyone can try it.


What to write in a birthday card

  • Congratulations on another year well spent. Wishing you happiness and success for the next 365 days, we love you. Happy Birthday. 
  • Another year has gone by and far too quickly. I'm thankful that I get to adventure through this life journey with you by my side. Happy Birthday. 
  • Happy Birthday! You're aging like fine wine. Speaking of wine, let's get some to celebrate you and your stunning good looks.
  • Life wouldn't be as sweet without you. Happy Birthday to a wonderful person who brings joy and love to everyone who needs it most. We love and appreciate you.


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